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Graduation Hat Throw


"My family’s experience with Kathy was delightful. Her profound knowledge and experience helped my daughter greatly in her college application process.  Kathy established set goals and deadlines and followed up to make sure they were met.  This kept our daughter on track during her junior and senior years. We will definitely be using Kathy again in a couple of years when our youngest daughter starts her college search."
- Christie M.
"Kathy O’Brien was instrumental in guiding our daughter to her top choice school, and she helped remove the family tension from the process.  Kathy engaged M. and our family on a  thorough and intentional search process, creating a realistic list of colleges.  She collaborated with our daughter, establishing a calendar and attainable goals so that much of the heavy lifting was complete by September of senior year.  M. was admitted to her first choice, with several other options closer to home  if she were to change her mind.  Despite the challenges presented by COVID, M. senior year has been smooth sailing and we have one less source of stress in our lives."
- Liz B.
"I entrusted the expertise of Complete College Counseling for both of my children, and it proved to be one of the best investments I have made for their future success.  Kathy O’Brien’s insight, wisdom, thorough and consistent communication and overall expertise helped my college-bound hopefuls determine the most appropriate schools for their respective career paths and navigate the application landscape with ease and confidence.  She empowers her students and equips them with useful resources for the journey while also increasing their enjoyment of what could be a mostly tedious process.  The peace of mind for parents during what can seem like taking on another full-time job is priceless, and I would not recommend starting without her!"
- Anissa L.
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