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Teenage Students Raising Hands


Why should I hire an independent educational consultant?
When should we start?
CCC is available to assist students throughout high school.  There are packages for first-year students and sophomores to introduce them to what colleges are looking for and help prepare them to be strong applicants.  There are comprehensive packages for juniors and seniors that cover the college search and application process details.  Visit our services page to see which options feel like a good fit.
Can't my child simply work with his or her school counselor?
Your child will be working with his/her school counselor! School counselors manage the vital administrative tasks of sending letters of recommendation and official transcripts to every college your student applies to. Unfortunately, not every school counselor has the time to work individually with a student to guide them through the details of the application process. 

Do we meet in-person or virtually?

I am located in Concord, NC, and can work with clients locally or nationwide.  I am currently conducting all meetings virtually.
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